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Meet the Artist - Philip Jostrom

Philip Jostrom

Philip Jostrom has been following his passion for painting for many decades. His work as an assistant art director and assistant set decorator on a number of well-known feature films greatly contributed to the development of his signature realism style which is highly reminiscent of the works of the “Old Masters”.

His list of films is quite impressive and includes:
The Godfather II, Network, Badge 373, The Gambler, The Sentinel, 7th (a TV series), Marathon Man, An Unmarried Woman, Next Stop Greenwich Village and The Wiz.

Philip has also taught acting for film at The New School in NYC and worked as a casting director in commercials, theatre and film. In the early 90’s he moved to Sullivan County to build a house and ended up renovating several Delaware River boarding houses. He spent his leisure time playing a variety of roles with the Ritz Theatre Players in Hawley, Pennsylvania.

In 2008 Philip answered the call that so many are experiencing, to care for his ninety-two year old mother. It was during this period that his talent and passion for painting landscapes and animal portraits emerged in full force.

For information on additional work or to commission a painting by Philip, please contact or call her at 845-684-4206.

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Classical Oil Paintings by Philip Jostrom

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Santa Maria della Pieve
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The Cloister Garden original painting by Philip Jostrom. 11 x 14 inches, oil on archival gesso canvas board.

The Cloister Garden
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Spring on the Palatine Hill is an original painting by contemporary artist, Philip Jostrom who paints in a dramatic, style of realism. His textures, color blends and contrasts of light and shadow create a depth of dimension that calls you to step into the painting.

Spring on the Palatine Hill
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Venetian Canal with Gondola is an original painting by contemporary artist, Philip Jostrom. Jostrom’s signature, realistic style uses dramatic light and shadows with masterfully detailed strokes which capture the rich colors of this authentic Italian waterway.
Venetian Canal with Gondola
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Tivoli at Twilight is an original painting by contemporary artist, Philip Jostrom. This sensuous landscape features a dramatic evening sunset in warm yellow-rose colored clouds that blend into moody blues behind thesilhouettes of tall trees.
Tivoli at Sunset
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Dutch Grapes oil painting by Philip Jostrom
Dutch Grapes
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“Florentine Alley” is an original, highly realistic painting by artist, Philip Jostrom. His signature style of contrasting dramatic light and shadows in perfect perspectives takes you right into this alley.

Florentine Alley
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Cloister Walk is an original painting by contemporary artist, Philip Jostrom. It is painted in Jostrom’s signature, realistic style with dramatic contrasts of light and shadow along the textures of these ancient stone archways. Rich tones of redish browns, warm terracota and green gray walls invite you to step in and explore the multiple archways.
The Cloister Walk
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“Santa Maria della Salute” is an original oil painting by artist, Philip Jostrom.
Santa Maria della Salute
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