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Gallery Number Nine

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Visions/Cloudy Diptych – by Pamela Palma

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Visions/Cloudy Diptych  from the fiber art collection by Pamela Palma

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Visions Cloudy poetry woven as Fiber Art Diptych by Pamela Palma

“Visions/Cloudy,” is a a woven diptych, comprised of a poem with images by Miami artist/poet, Chloe Bird which has been screen printed on paper, cut into strips and reassembled by Pamela Palma in the weaving process.

The work weaves together the re-assembled poem with artist-dyed cotton yarns and strips of organza and satin fabrics.

The poem  which reads, “Don’t give up on visions when they get cloudy,” is intentionally blurred through placement of the  woven elements.

Dimensions: 12” width x 28” height x 1/2” depth
Weight: 3 pounds

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$ 700.00

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