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Gallery Number Nine

Contemporary Art for Passionate Collectors

Diamonds and Latex IV – by Pamela Palma

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Broken Dreams – Diamonds and Latex IV from the fiber art collection by Pamela Palma

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fiber art, textile art, tapestries, weaving by Pamela Palma. Money Series, Diamonds and Latex

Fiber Art “Diamonds and Latex” by Pamela Palma

The “Diamonds and Latex” triptych by Pamela Palma.

There are three separate Diamonds and Latex artworks. If you are interested in purchasing all three, please contact Debra for pricing.

Broken Dream fiber art by Pamela Palma

Diamonds and Latex IV: Broken Dreams
Hand Woven Fiber and Mixed Media

“Diamonds and Latex lV, Broken Dreams” represents a contemporary spin on a traditional weaving pattern, a diamond twill. Hand dyed cotton yarns set off the pattern against a background of black linen yarn. Upcycled lavender-colored latex strips are inlaid during the weaving process. “Diamonds and Latex lV: Broken Dreams” contains the added embellishments of shredded US currency and bits of broken jewelry. All of the elements are woven simultaneously into the tapestry.

Dimensions: 15” h x 15” w x 1” d
Weight: 1.0 pound

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$ 750.00

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