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Meet the Artist - Pamela Palma

Pamela Palma

Who I Am: I am a fiber artist – a dreamer and a visionary with a vivid imagination and remarkable dexterity. My innate affinity is for all things fiber. I love color and texture. I like to use my hands to create objects that provoke and delight, things that no one else has thought of. My art transcends traditional precepts of hand weaving and needle arts as being women’s work, emerging as radical traditionalism.

What I Do:  I make things.  I have created with fiber since childhood, first sewing, then knitting, embroidering, and designing clothing. Later I learned weaving, printing, dyeing and painting fabrics. I have a full repertoire of hand looms and floor looms on which I make original art fabrics. My work can be tapestries and wall art, installations, functional and wearable works of art. Or, as my Muses direct, I may engage in any number or combination of techniques including non traditional materials within traditional methodologies.

Why I do what I do: Woven fiber is integral to our human evolution, as essential to our well being as oxygen and water. We have interlaced plant and animal fibers for warmth and comfort since before the beginning, when it was herstory. Weaving is ancient yet relevant; it permeates our mythologies. Fibers knit our societies together, weave across cultural boundaries, embracing us, comforting and protecting us from our first breaths until our last. Fiber is the ultimate shape shifter. It can be knitted, woven, plaited, braided, crocheted, knotted, stitched, sewn, felted, dismantled, reconstructed, dyed, bleached; stiff, soft, silky, in endless combinations.
When I weave, I travel the continuum of our shared stories. I transduce our collective heritage along an evolutionary umbilical cord, weaving the DNA of the past through the present and into the future.


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Pamela’s Fiber Art Collection

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Pamela Palma – Artist Bio

Miami Beach artist Pamela Palma has been working with textiles since she was four years old. By 13 she was designing, sewing and knitting her personal wardrobe as well as creating functional and decorative accessories. Weaving was a requirement for her bachelor’s degree in Design. It was then that her innate affinity for creating handwoven fabrics on a floor loom came to light. Weaving, an ancient art form that pre-dates written history across all cultures, is brought into 21st century relevance on her looms. Pamela’s fiber art and textile designs are defined by her signature styles, notably her extensive use of vibrant, textural yarns which she dyes, as well as her use of shredded one-hundred-dollar bills, as social commentary.
Master weaver, colorist, textile designer, fiber artist, teacher, arts advocate – Pamela Palma explores all avenues. She holds a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management and Leadership and a Bachelor’s degree in Design. Originally from Buffalo, New York, she has lived on the St. Lawrence River in New York State and in the Rio Grande Valley in New Mexico. Her love of sunshine and turquoise water drew her to settle in Miami Beach in 1993. Pamela has been a professional designer since 1987 and is currently a resident artist at
the Bakehouse Art Complex in the City of Miami.

Diamonds, Latex and Visions
by Pamela Palma

fiber art, tapestries, weaving

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Diamonds and Latex II money weavings by Pamela PalmaDiamonds and Latex II
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Broken Dreams fiber art by Pamela Palma
Diamonds and Latex IV
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Visions Cloudy poetry woven as Fiber Art Diptych by Pamela Palma
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Diamonds and Latex III by Pamela Palma one of a kind, fiber art
Diamonds and Latex III
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