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Louis N. Pontone | Gallery Number Nine Blog
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Meet the Artist - Louis N. Pontone

Louis N. Pontone

These landscape paintings are indicative of my recent artwork and depict both intimate views and sweeping panoramas. Everyday, looking at the land and what nature is offering up, be it the play of light, a pleasing design, or striking color, a composition presents itself. The artist looks into his canvas and draws out his image declaring a style that is the result of his level of skill. New challenges force me to explore technical possibilities while remaining within the boundaries of realistic painting. Greater surface development and texture, losing and finding edges but somehow maintaining the integrity and crispness of some individual brush marks are a hallmark of my approach. My ambition is to turn these lyrical investigations of painting into visual poems – quiet, reflective and decorative.

Louis N. Pontone, original painting, detail view

Red Fox detail – Return to Dark Hollow CLICK for larger view




About The Artwork of Louis N. Pontone

For over forty years, Louis Pontone has made the American landscape and the natural world among the principal subject matter of his paintings. Whether trying to capture the sweep of a river valley or the intimate voice of a mountain stream, the artist is drawn to the possibilities that nature offers.
The strict representation of the seen world is never the goal; interpretation and self-expression point the direction the work will take. Often the first image and intent bear almost no reflection on the outcome of a finished painting. In the process, each painting takes ona life of its own. Working over the whole surface, Louis’ technique involves altering and weaving the shapes, readjusting the colors and building up the textures. This pushing and pulling of the picture plane achieves a rich and highly developed work of art. Nothing seems final, though. Each painting is extended into the next. A passage rendered in one painting is often the starting point of another.

About his paintings, the artist says: “While I aspire that these landscape paintings by lyrical and decorative, subliminally they oten carry over an indescribable ‘edge’ which is an extension of my human nature. Each painting becomes a record and reflection of my personal vision.”

Louis N. Pontone, original painting, detail view

Squirrel detail – Return To Dark Hollow CLICK for larger view

To view Louis’ Catskill Mountain Landscape Paintings

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Impressionistic Paintings of the Catskill Mountains
by Louis N. Pontone

 in custom wooden frames also made by the artist

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Paintings by Louis N. Pontone www.gallerynumbernine.comClose Up of the Far Away – Kenoza Lake, NY
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 www.gallerynumbernine.comSome Summer Sunsets
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Original Paintings by Louis N. PontoneSummer Splendor
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Paintings by Louis N. Pontone www.gallerynumbernine.comCelestial Navigation
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Paintings by Louis N. Pontone www.gallerynumbernine.comSome Summer Skies
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Return to Dark Hollow painting by Louis N. Pontone. Fall in the Catskill Mountains and the Fox is on the run, Squirrel in the trees and Dark Hollow is surrounded by lush, sunlit foliage. www.gallerynumbernine.comReturn to Dark Hollow
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Paintings by Louis N. Pontone “Of Loons and Moons” double painting in custom made wood frame. www.gallerynumbernine.com

 www.gallerynumbernine.comSome Summer Stars
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Original Paintings by Louis N. PontoneAutumn Arrives
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