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Gallery Number Nine

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Icescape 09 – by Debra Cortese

Click image above for slide gallery.

This slide gallery shows the original photo of the tiny (10 ft. tall) Ice Mountain and detail views of Icescape 09.

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Icescapes by Debra Cortese, Nature Photography, Abstract Art, Mixed Media, Limited Editions

Nature Abstract Icescape Number 9 is created from photo image sections of a 10 foot tall natural ice mountain from Silver Heights Nursery and Gorzinsky Ornery Farm - Spring 2014. The beauty, power and magic of Nature - fine art prints by Debra Cortese.

Icescape 09 is an abstract derivative reflection of a small section of the original photo of an accidental ice mountain that was created by a dripping hose during the early spring of 2013 on the site of Gorzynski’s Ornery Farm and Silver Heights Nursery in Cochecton Center, NY.

It was a crisp, clear spring day with twinkling snow melting in the bright sunlight. Between the vibrant fresh scents in the air and the variations of winter blue and white hues melting away, it was impossible to resist especially for an artist with a handy iphone camera! Debra Cortese was beyond delighted to have been there at that perfect moment in time when all of the elements of subject, light and presence connected and she shot the original photo of “An Accidental Ice Mountain” which is the basis for this and seven other Icescape works of art in her Icescapes Collection.

Icescape 09 is a limited edition of 99 fine art prints on paper. Each print is hand-signed and numbered by Debra and then it is shipped in a sturdy, protective tube directly to your home or office.

Dimensions: 24″ x 24″
Weight: 1 lb.

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$ 864.00

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