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Gallery Number Nine

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Icescape 04 – by Debra Cortese

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Icescapes by Debra Cortese, Nature Photography, Mixed Media, Limited Editions

Icescape 04 by Debra Cortese

On a bright, cold, early spring day an “Accidental Ice Mountain” was begging to be photographed and of course, Debra had her iphone camera and walked through the snow to get just a few photos.
When she finally got around to loading and viewing the photos, she was entranced by the variety of colors, textures, light, shadows and patterns that she was seeing in this one simple photo. And that is how her creative muse speaks – in patterns, light, colors. Debra obviously heard the call and began the process of selecting areas of the photo that were most intriguing. These became the derivative works for her ‘IceScapes Collection”.

“IceScape 04” is one of those derivative images. This one is a little less abstract that the others since you can easily recognize actual twigs, a bit of sky and the tip of the Gorzynski Ornery Farm Barn. Cortese was working part-time at Silver Heights Organic Plants Nursery at the time she shot the photos.The ice mountain which was apparently created by a dripping-spouting water line was a most beguiling subject for her as you can see in the entire IceScape Collection. #04 definitely shares a bit of the country farm atmosphere along with some outstanding icy blues and crisp whites of the Ice Mountain!

IceScape 04 is a limited edition of only 99 archival giclée prints on paper. Each one is hand-signed and numbered by the artist. It is rolled, wrapped, insured and shipped* free to addresses in the continental USA in a very sturdy tube. For addresses outside of the continental USA, please see our Shipping info page here.

Dimensions:  18″ wide x 12″ height
Weight: 1 lb.

Price includes shipping and insurance to addresses within the continental USA. For locations other than this area, contact Debra to arrange your shipping preferences.

$ 432.00

FREE SHIPPING in the continental United States

Gallery Number Nine will pay shipping costs including insurance to deliver flat and rolled artworks and for smaller 3D works within the continental USA.

For very delicate, large or heavy artworks, we offer custom delivery options. Please see shipping notes on individual artworks, or contact  Debra to discuss your preferences.

For locations outside of the continental USA,
contact Debra by phone or email
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