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Gallery Number Nine

Contemporary Art for Passionate Collectors

Peacock Teal Blue Green Mohair
by Charles Hadley Blanchard

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Peacock Teal Blue Greens, Mohair fiber art, tapestry by Charles Hadley Blanchard

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Peacock Mohair flat side full view Charles H. Blanchard Gallery Number Nine

The ‘Mohair Series’ by Charles Hadley Blanchard not only presents as a unique work of fiber art to display in a small and very special wall space but it also offers a very soothing, tactile experience. I found myself stroking and petting the tightly woven solid colors as if they were an adored pet. The combination of Mohair, Silk and Wool that master weaver, Charles Blanchard has incorporated into each piece begs to be touched, which adds to the sensual appeal of owning a Mohair Series Weaving. An occassional stroke by the owner is understandable, however, it is advisable to discourage touching as a rule to preserve the full quality of your investment.

Peacock Teal Blue Greens features a tightly hand-woven base with a rectangular center section filled with rainbows of threads. On one side, the rainbow section is tightly woven and leveled with the base colors but on the other side, the rainbow threads are tied off with fluffy and free flowing ends which seem to be playing outside of the box. This is a delightful and sensuous work of contemporary fiber art that is sure to share beauty and a dash of playfulness!

Hand-dyed and Hand-woven Fiber Art

Dimensions:  17.75″ x 10.5″
This art can also be displayed vertically 10.5″ x 17.75″

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$ 450.00

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