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Gallery Number Nine represents a seed of intention
sprouting into life for artist/curator, Debra Cortese
and for all of the artists
whose works are now available from Gallery Number Nine.


“Gallery Number Nine represents a sprouting seed of intention that was planted in the early 90’s when I reluctantly closed a small, eclectic gallery in northern Vermont and whispered: “I’d do it again when I know it will be successful.” The meaning of success has changed dramatically since the 90’s and my new story has just begun with a major focus on that whispered promise of so many years ago.

If you’re reading this online, you are most likely at GalleryNumberNine which is itself a work in progress – one that will continually evolve with technology and design features to meet the interests of our collectors and artists. I am the voice and the real person behind the screen and my plan is to personally connect you with the kind of art that sings to you and enhances your life!

I’ll be introducing each of our artists and their work on our blog as well as sharing information on current art and lifestyle news throughout the world that is aligned with our mutual goals. I welcome your comments and especially questions that will stir imaginations and inspire further discussions and new art!” ~ Debra Cortese

Browse our collections, meet the artists and contact Debra if you have any questions about the art or artists. You’ll be impressed with the degree of personal service we offer. Debra will return your call or email promptly and she’ll provide answers and details about any artwork you may be interested in.

Our goal at Gallery Number Nine is to connect you with the kind of art that is aligned with your style and preferences. Debra is a strong believer in the power of harmonic resonance and her ability to listen and understand goes beyond words. Aligning your unique style and preferences with a work of art is her specialty. She thrives on connecting you with art that will always make your heart sing!

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