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We’ve recently redesigned and updated Gallery Number Nine to give you even better images of all of our artists’ work. Plus, we welcome two new artists, Paul Stark – chainsaw, hand-carved wooden life size animals, and Susan Miiller’s contemporary, almost abstract, nature paintings.
I’m adding one sample of each Gallery Number Nine artist’s work with links to their full collection. If you have any questions about the art or the artists, please call or email Debra HERE.



Paul Stark Carved Wood Sculpture

Philip Jostrom – Oil Paintings

Pamela Palma – Fiber Arts

Tamara D’Antoni – Precious Gemstone Jewelry

Alan Potter – Rakú Fired Clay Sculpture

Charles Hadley Blanchard – Weavings

Susan Miiller – Paintings

Ramona Jan – Lampheads & Creatures

Louis N. Pontone – Catskill Mountain Landscapes

Debra Cortese – Nature Images