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Weaving Classes in Miami with Gallery Number Nine Artist, Pamela Palma | Gallery Number Nine Blog
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What Will You Weave?

Weaving is experiencing a global renaissance as people of all ages discover the power of weaving. No longer just a crafty pastime for Grandma, weaving is attracting people of all ages. Young mothers are lovingly weaving one-of-a-kind wraps for their babies. Men and women are making tea towels, scarves, runners, clothes and fiber works of art that share their very own creative designs. Each piece becomes embedded with the weaver’s energy and intentions. The finished piece is a personal gift on many levels.

Weaving.. an ancient form of art/work that naturally puts you into a a state of mindfulness while creating beautiful, functional, wearable art!


Learn more about Pamela Palma’s weaving classes HERE.


To see Pamela’s collection of Fiber Art on Gallery Number Nine,  CLICK HERE.