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What Magnifies Your Spirit? | Gallery Number Nine Blog
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“Who are the people, ideas, and books that magnify your spirit? Find them, hold on to them, and visit them often.”

“Seek out what magnifies your spirit” is a quote from Maria Popova that resonated thoroughly with what I wanted to share with you for the New Year – only I didn’t recognize how to express it until I read it in her post, “9 Learnings from 9 Years of Brain Pickings”. (Those who know me will understand, I chose to read this particular post because of the reference to number 9 which is a secret code in terms of relevance to my spirit!)

In choosing what you read, who you follow, what you watch and listen to and how you feel throughout each day, you are attracting and resonating with each choice.

So, my wish for you in 2016 is to seek and resonate with that which magnifies your beautiful spirit!

This is only one of the “9 Learnings” from Maria’s article and I highly recommend reading the full content on Brain Pickings.

Seek what magnifies your spirit - quote from Maria Popover. Full article at: Full Moon over #NarrowsburgNY by Debra Cortese ©2015


IMAGE: “Full Eclipse Moon Over  Narrowsburg, NY”
~ by Debra Cortese (that’s me, blog poster, artist and curator for Gallery Number Nine)