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We made a short video that shares a bit of my history with creating and representing art and it includes all of our current Gallery Number Nine artists and a sample of their art.

I was recently asked what qualifications I have as a curator and also if it was a conflict of interest for me to represent my own art in Gallery Number Nine. The implication was that I’d favor selling my work over other artists. I hadn’t even considered this because I see myself as more of an art matchmaker. I thoroughly enjoy the process of discovering new art, learning why an artist creates the work he or she does and then getting to share it with a collector who is aligned with this work.

I’m a good listener and do my best to ask relevant questions when I’m curating art for the gallery and when I’m meeting a new collector. I want to learn what motivates both the artist and the collector. I want to understand the artist’s passion and how it relates to the goals and preferences of a collector. Then, I can make the match that resonates with and fulfills all of our goals.

To see all of our artists and their work, visit

Special thanks and credits to:

Pinky Giselle – film producer

Nestor Zurita for the perfect music.
‘Bossa a Jobim’ from his album Electronic Latin Jazz Vol III
Composition, arranging, sound engineering and sound track creation by Nestor Zurita.
For information and to hear more of his work, visit:

Click here to visit Gallery Number Nine’s youtube channel. Only 2 videos as of this post, but we plan to feature all of our artists and their work in the near future!

See Ramona Jan’s Repurposed Vintage Doll “LAMPHEADS” video HERE